Spcae: 1.250 (Km2)
Yearly Extraction: 150000 (Ton)
Staffs: 42
Special Features: HajiAbad Travertine Quarry is located west of Mahallat – Khomein province. Travertine blocks in this quarry are extracted in outdoor method using diamond cutting system. Due to its quality and white color, travertine stones in this quarry have a good quality so that, apart from domestic uses, they are exported in blocks to China and Malaysia.
There is also a good market for HajiAbad travertine stones inside the country.
Contact Info
Phone:: +98 8643236037
Address: : Kilometer 5 of Khomein Road, Mahallat city, Markazi province, Iran

  • White Hajiabad Travertine – Cross Cut (H)
  • Medium Hajiabad Travertine (HM)
  • Dark Hajiabad Travertine (HD)
  • (Dark Beige Haji Abad Travertine (HFD
  • Hajiabad Travertine (HA)
  • Hajiabad Travertine (HB1)
  • Hajiabad travertine (HF3)
  • Light Hajiabad Travertine (HC)
  • White Hajiabad Travertine-Vein Cut (HV)
  • Light Beige Hajiabad Travertine (HFL)