Mahallat city is one of the most important regions of Iran from supplying Travertine point of view. Numerous quarries have been working in different parts of Mahallat for ages. More than 46% of Iran travertine storage belongs to Mahallat. Nikfar quarries and factories Group is one of the most reputable natural stones company which has been dealing with exporting its unique and and assorted natural stones to different countries across the world.
Nikfar Group is established in 1953 by late Mostafa Nikfar. Concurrent with the evolution of the stone industry, it began activities as contractor of Fabka Company in Sinva Chalous Mine managed by late engineer Khoei. It continued its mining activities in Gazanbar Khorheh Quarry, Abbasabad Travertine Quarry, Gavshan Quarry of Sanandaj in Kurdistan province, and Koloukh Meymeh Quarry in Isfahan province.
After the Islamic Revolution, activities in other quarries including Dareh Bokhari Quarry of Mahalat, Marmarit Chini Gorveh Quarry of Hamedan (sales department), Marmarit Chini Laybid Quarry of Isfahan, Sanghe Chini Godar-Sorkh Quarry of Golpayegan, Jajarmi Quarry of Golpayegan, Marmarit Chini Quarry of Aligoudarz, Marmarit Chini Quarry of Nagadeh in Kurdistan, Tajareh Quarry and HajiAbad Quarry are among the achievements of the Group in this field.
Simultaneously with significant activity in quarrying, Nikfar Group began its activities in the field of stone processing by establishing, in 1994, BORESHKOOH factory with an annual production capacity of 220,000 m2 of tiles using state-of-the-art machinery. Then in 1996, in order to develop its activities and the quality of its products, it established NIXAN factory with annual production capacity of 270,000 m2 of slabs equipped with modern Italian production lines, which competes easily with processed stones inside and outside Of Iran.
Currently, 400 employees directly and 1,200 employees indirectly are working in this Group. This has been a reason for pioneering role of the Group in stone industry.
Nikfar has been the best exporter over a period of 8 years since 2005 to date and typical manufacturer between 2005 and 2006 in the province.
Nikfar Group offers the best quality products in the light of its manifold and different travertine, Marble and Onyx quarries across Iran
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