Our Products

With more than 50 years of experience in the field of stone, operating 9 quarries and two factories for slab and tile processing with an Italian production line and high quality of its products, Nikfar Group is now able to meet the needs of its customers. And we will be with you step by step at all stages of a project.

· To provide customers with new products and ideas, we study new quarries and processing methods in order to offer ordered stones in different colors and designs. At present, we have an acceptable variety of stones.

· In the field of processing, we are able to produce different sizes of stones in form of slabs. Chiseled, tumbled and antiqued stones are other innovative processing conducted in Nikfar Group.

· Due to extensive work in the field of exporting and being recognized as the top exporter over a period of 8 years, we are also able to meet projects abroad. In light of our reputation among land, sea, air and rail international shipping companies, we have the capacity to ship any batch of our products around Iran as soon as possible.

· Nikfar Internal Trade Department supplies block stones ordered by other factories so that we are able to take advantage of all our domestic potentials.

· Nikfar Group is always ready to provide you with stones. We also enjoy the most experienced and skillful designers who can help you at all stages with the best designs.