We believe that strong values ​​in life are the key to success in business. We have very strict behavioral rules in Nikfar Group and these fundamental values exist besides all decisions that we make.


The fact is that a company is defined by its staff. In Nikfar Group, we have committed ourselves to give our staff the best opportunities so that they .substantiate their potential


The incentive in everything we do in Nikfar Group is our unutterable joy for excellence – and a genuine commitment to providing the best products and services available in the market.


In today’s fast-moving economy, change is a constant phenomenon and creativity and innovation is the company’s survival condition. As we have been in the past 40 years, we look to the future and anticipate demand and market needs so that we can steer the company toward long-term success.


Ethics are the foundation of our work. A moral compass is guiding our activities to insure that fairness and respect towards all shareholders and stakeholders are met and that there is a complete transparency in our work.

Prosperity for all

No company can be successful unless it creates prosperity and opportunity for others. Nikfar Group is committed to be aresponsible citizen toward society and environment in all countries and places where we work.

Nikfar Group looks for potential suppliers to help us steer the future. As a pioneer in the upcoming world, the Group has stepped into a new arena of products development, corporate culture and active participation in the international community.

To fulfill these objectives, we are fully aware of the importance of establishing relationships with first grade international suppliers to enjoy their support.

In order to establish partnerships and create new business opportunities, the Group is looking for potential suppliers with a high international reputation which are active in the field of innovative and leading technologies. With the cooperation of our suppliers, we are trying to achieve a goal: Being the best in the Middle East.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining Nikfar Group as partner and/or colleague, so that all together, we can build the future of the stone industry.

Salesmen – Code of Ethics

As responsible for sales and procurement in Nikfar Group, we are aware of our vital role to promote values for our customers and assume this responsibility.

For a better implementation of this key mission, we have put integrity as the cornerstone of all our business relationships with suppliers and try to create shared growth and prosperity. We also understandand follow the laws, regulations and rules governing our activities.

Our motto in the field of sales and procurement

Nikfar Group and its qurarries try to occupy the highest echelons of the world based on “First-Top” ideology, co-existence .

and mutual prosperity.